Happy Ho-Ho-Holiday, And Merry Christmas!

Robert Axelsen December 24, 2012 1

I wanted to get you all something special for Christmas, so I went over to Fiverr to browse for some holiday goodies. And lo and behold! I got this special video made for you, and witnessed some great marketing in the process.

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I wish you all peace and love, at Christmas and always!

Peace And Love Christmas Card

Hope you enjoyed the card and the video!

They were both made by creative people at www.Fiverr.com, an online marketplace where you can get a lot of tasks and services done for as low as $5. Both the card (2 for 1 deal) and the video was done for only $5.

Credit goes to puppetgrams and lolamaro over at Fiverr.

If you want to know more about Fiverr, check out my next post which will be more about how to use this fabolous website for internet marketing.

So, back to the CHRISTMAS fun!

In case you can’t view the video where you are, it’s a video of a Harold muppet puppet with a Santa hat, on a Christmas background.

He announces the following:

Ho, ho, ho! I am delighted to bring you a warm holiday greeting from the cute little dove over at www.IMDove.com, wishing you a merry Christmas and holiday. May your holiday be filled with laughter and joy! In the words of Charles N. Barnard; “The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!”. -Harold the Puppet

I loved the result super much! And while I got to communicate some Christmas and holiday love to you all, I also got to see some wonderful marketing in action.

You see, I got an email from www.Fiverr.com promoting some “Last Minute Christmas Gigs“. I thought “hey, that could be fun to feature on my blog” and went over to have a look.

Christmas Marketing Case Study

I then discovered the Harold the Puppet gig and saw how it was overbooked. 35 or so in the order queue when I ordered on December 19. I was about to order when I saw that I might not be able to get the video done before Christmas, but the gig had an express delivery option. I hesitated, and when I refreshed the gig the cost of it had risen to $40. And then a little later to $50.

I went ahead and ordered without the express, and still got it in time. Here is what to learn from this seller (puppetgrams) at Fiverr when it comes to good marketing:

  • Work on a win-win for any situation. The seller was faced with a potential problem: “How to make sure I can deliver all orders before Christmas?”. He proceeded to effectively close off $5 impulse buys, while still making sure he had room to prioritize anyone desperate enough to pay $50 for an express order
  • Get noticed. The seller’s gig was featured on Fiverr, easy to find, and with an appealing title and picture
  • Target specific seasons or holidays. While this gig won’t earn a lot of money during the summer, it does VERY WELL in a short amount of time in December
  • Underpromise and overdeliver. I wasn’t sure if I would get my $5 worth when ordering this gig, as the seller made it clear that he had a deadline for the orders, and set the delivery time to 7 days. As of today he has no orders in queue and no negative reviews, meaning that he delivered ahead of time for all late orders. As a result, people are super happy and likely to recommend his gig to others for next year, and check out the sellers other gigs

So, with that Christmas marketing lesson at and end, let me retire by wishing you all a:


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  1. Mohsin Mallik January 10, 2013 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Hi Alex, How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your holidays. Happy new year to you. Though I am a bit late in my wishes.

    Thanks a lot for your best wishes for us too. As you may already know that I myself too run a blog like your. I have recently opened it for the guest bloggers who likes to do guest blogging. I would like to invite you too as one of my guest blogger. :)

    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Mohsin Mallik recently posted..Most Common Misconceptions About SEOMy Profile

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